Today, we’re going to learn about CSS grid through one of the most iconic franchises of all time.

Here we go!


The power of CSS Grid v. Flexbox is the power of formatting elements in columns AND rows v. columns OR rows. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

We will start with…

Today, we’re going to learn some of the basics of flexbox and it’s properties including direction, wrap, order, grow, shrink, justify-content and align-items.

We’ll use a simple structure to practice these skills between 2 files — index.html and a style.css.

index.html (don’t forget to link your stylesheet)

The site is going to have 3 header elements…

Data warehouses include data from databases as well as operational and external sources. They are traditionally built on relational databases, but can built on multidimensional; you can think of the database as the platform (‘base’) and the warehouse as the usage.

Data warehouses access and copy data from sources using…

A big part of TypeScript is catching potential errors before they happen. To empower this tool, using proper types is necessary. In this blog, I will outline a few of the advanced types included with TypeScript.


An intersection type allows you to combine multiple types. Let’s consider a college course.

Data structures are ways of organizing information with optimal ‘runtime complexity’ for adding, editing or removing records. Today, I will explore queues, stacks and linked lists.


Queues are like your typical ticketing counter. Records, or ‘customers’ will enter on one side and exit on another.

This is classified as a…

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